This isn’t about dogs, it’s about the Doxie Go Scanner, and how I MacGyvered it back into shape with nothing but a piece of paper and some masking tape.

After what felt like months of waiting, my Doxie Go scanner finally arrived at the post office today. This itself was a miracle, considering the package had been stopped at customs, requiring me to send them a copy of the receipt along with a signed translation and a photocopy of my ID.

On top of that, once it did arrive at the post office, I had to pay an extra $46 to pick it up, because customs felt it necessary to added a 23% VAT tax to the package (probably something to do with the fact that I bought it from the Doxie U.S. store and shipped it to Poland).

So after all that, my shiny Doxie scanner finally arrives at it’s destination. I plug it in and let it charge – feeling relieved that it includes a euro-plug adapter.

Then I began scanning. So far so good. I pull a receipt out of my wallet. Most of my receipts are crumpled from being in my wallet all day. I try to straighten this one out, but it’s still pretty crumply. I think to myself, what the heck, I’ll feed into the Doxie anyway. I mean, what’s the worst that can happen…

The receipt goes in. It doesn’t come out.

A feeling of dread comes over me. The receipt got stuck in the Doxies roller!

There’s no way this is coming out. I try tweezers, a bent paperclip. Nothing works.

At this point I’m totally lost. I see no solution in sight, and I begin to think that the receipt will be stuck there forever. The scanner itself is still perfectly functional, but I’m at a point of dispair.

Then I take a break, go out on the balcony to get some fresh air, and the idea hits me.

Tape! if I stick double sided tape to the bottom of a piece of paper, and feed it into the Doxie, then the receipt should stick to the tape, and come out with the piece of paper.

I don’t have double sided tape, so I just use some masking tape.

I feed the paper in, and…

I rejig the paper a couple of times. Eventually I manage to pull out the paper along with the receipt.


After some gentle tugging, I manage to get the receipt out along with the taped piece of paper. I breathe a sigh of relief. It worked.

Lessons Learned#

If you want to scan a crumply receipt: USE THE PHOTO SLEEVE! So that this doesn’t happen to you!

Also, the Doxie support staff gets an A+ for their support. I sent a ticket about this issue and within 10 minutes I got a response: